Masks are required as the campus is at red status.

Campus Resources

The University of Central Arkansas community shares a commitment to value all persons and seeks to learn from their diverse experiences and perspectives. Thus, we are dedicated to the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities and to the continual improvement of accessibility to our campus, programs, activities, and services.

The Disability Resource Center is committed to providing resources to faculty, staff, students, and visitors about the accessibility of our campus.

Planning Accessible Programs and Events

All departmental activities and University-related events must be accessible to people with disabilities. Each group or entity sponsoring an event or activity is responsible for ensuring individuals with disabilities are provided appropriate accommodations. Events include, but are not limited to: conferences, lectures, rallies, workshops, exhibits, and performances.

Parking and Building Access

The University of Central Arkansas has prepared campus accessibility maps to provide you with the most current information about accessibility features on our campus. The campus map includes information about accessible routes, entrances and parking.

Emergency Evacuation

In the case of an emergency, evacuation from buildings on campus may be necessary. Our Emergency Evacuation page seeks to provide faculty, staff, students, and visitors with information on how to safely evacuate individuals with disabilities on campus should the need arise.