CNSM IT Work Order

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Information Technology Requests:

To facilitate communication between faculty/staff and John Black, we have created an online form that will be required for all non-emergency work requests. The form will be automatically emailed to both John Black and Ginny Adams and will automatically be recorded into an excel file. Please be as specific as possible in your request and provide all information.

For instances where there is an emergency (such as malfunction of a projector or computer during class), please direct all calls to the Dean’s office. Either Dayna (450-5083) or Tracy (450-5081) will be able to contact John directly on his cell phone. If he is off campus at the time of the request he will determine the best course of action.

Please continue to use either the online form or call the Dean’s office when John is out and we will contact John to determine how to proceed.

CNSM IT Work Order Form