Dr. Carl Frederickson elected Program Chair

Carl Frederickson was elected to be the Program Chair of the Engineering Physics and Physics Division of the American Society for Engineering Education. Dr. Frederickson was elected during the 2022 Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN. He will serve in this position for the next 3 years and then move into the Division Chair position. His main responsibility will come in the organization of technical sessions for the 2023 Annual Conference to be held in Baltimore, MD.



Workshop Presented at ASEE Annual Conference

Dr. Carl Frederickson along with Dr. Bala Maheswaran from Northeastern University presented a workshop titled “Projects Based Arduino/Raspberry Pis Experiential Activities” the the 2022 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference & Exposition in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The workshop was presented Sunday morning June 26th from 9am – 112pm. There were 27 attendees from all over the country.

Griffin Planetarium Show: River of Bears

Join us April 8 and 9, 2022 for River of Bears

“River of Bears is about the legendary McNeil River Alaska State Game Sanctuary. During the summertime it hosts the largest congregation of brown bears in the world. Bears come from hundreds of miles to the sanctuary to mate, raise cubs, and dine on the abundant sedge grass and salmon. On a typical day in July over fifty bears can be seen at the McNeil River falls, feasting on salmon desperately swimming upstream to spawn. The show tells the remarkable story of these bears as they prepare for the coming harsh Alaska winter, and the visitors and scientists who come every summer to see them.”

When you give, we grow!

Hypatia told us: “The CNSM has provided essential education and exciting opportunities for me to explore physics and flourish as a student. The CNSM allowed me to join in undergraduate research in computational physics, biophysics, atmospheric chemistry, and planetary science. Also, the Society of Physics Student and the Robotics Club have supplemented my education and provided stable connections to my academic community.” Hypatia credits the experiences and support from CNSM for giving them the skills need to intern with NASA Goddard last summer!

When you give, we grow!  Day of Giving is March 10th and your donations will help students continue to thrive at UCA! Follow the link to donate now:  uca.edu/go/DOGCNSMFund #UCADayOfGiving


 Photo for UCA Day of Giving March 10,2022.

Hypatia Meraviglia: Physics and Linguistics

Faculty Member Publishes New Textbook

Dr. Azida Walker, Physics and Astronomy, has published a new textbook, Physics for Medical Professionals, through Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.

“Physics for Medical Professionals is an algebra-based Physics text that can be used to help prepare students for careers in medical diagnostics. Each chapter teaches fundamental physics principles with the use of examples that are more relatable considering the student’s interest to be part of the healthcare industry. The unit chapters start with an introduction that captures the student’s attention and sets the stage for the importance of these concepts to the larger picture. The worked problems in the book show a step-by-step guide to problem solving. Students with absolutely no background in Physics will be able to follow along this process. The goal is the help the students think independently and critically as they apply their knowledge to other word problems. These skills are critical skills to develop to developing a logical approach to problem solving.”

Physics for Medical Professionals


Allies in STEM Meetings begin tomorrow February 1, 2022

4th Annual JMNR Photo Contest

The deadline for the fourth annual Jewel Moore Nature Reserve Photo Contest is rapidly approaching (November 1!!). Instructions for participating are attached.  With the pandemic, economic distress, climate change, and political pandemonium overwhelming us, the nature reserve provides a comforting escape.

Please announce the contest to your students and invite them to submit up to three photographs to my email address.  Please also consider submitting up to three of your own photographs.  There are separate categories for students (undergraduate and graduate combined) and for faculty/staff/alumni.

This is our chance to get a little free publicity for our beautiful reserve – and your chance to see your photographs displayed in the Dean’s office, on the walls in LSC and CCCS, and in UCA publications and web sites.

No cost to enter. Thanks!  David

Dr. David Dussourd
Department of Biology

First Science Wednesday for 2020!

Please visit the Science Wednesday website for more information.

CNSM Wins SGA “Food Fight”

CNSM won the 2019 SGA Colleges “Food Fight” thanks to the efforts of Faith Halcom Yarberry of the Chemistry Department!  Emma Cheek, SGA CNSM Representative, presented the trophy to Dean Addison and Dr. Yarberry on Friday, 1/10/20.  This is the second year of the competition sponsored by the Student Government Association to benefit the Bear Essentials Food Pantry.  

Photo courtesy Rose McGarrity, SGA

CNSM Events During Homecoming Week