iValidate Event Check-In

iValidate is software used to keep record of event attendance using a plastic BearCard (chip and magstripe) and BearCard Mobile.

The equipment needed is an iPad and a Transact reader. They are provided by the BearCard office. You will not be able to use your own iPad as the software license will not be available.

The iPad will use UCA’s Wi-Fi. When the Wi-Fi is connected, information will pop up on the iPad related to the card being scanned. The information available is photo, ID number, name, and email. If you have Wi-Fi issues, the system will still work and collect the data offline. All entries will show as valid when offline. Once the Wi-Fi is connected again, the information will automatically transfer after a few moments.

The Transact reader is connected to the iPad via Bluetooth. The iPads are locked to only allow access to the iValidate app. These iPads should not be used for anything else. The pin on the iPad CANNOT be changed or it will have to be reimaged and a new iValidate license fee required.

There are no keyed entries. The BearCard must be present to tap or swipe. The number used is encrypted. It does not use the ID number.

The report will be ran by the BearCard office the day after the event. The list will be in Excel and emailed to the person that requested the reader. The reports will include ID number, first name, last name and role (student or faculty/staff).

There will be two reports. One for accepted transactions and one for denied transactions. Denied transactions will be for cards that are retired or frozen. Retired card can mean the card is not their newest card, they found a lost plastic card or have not updated their new phone. Frozen card can mean their card has been marked as lost/stolen or has a Student Account balance past due. If they are not currently a student or faculty/staff, it can be retired or frozen.

There is no charge for using the equipment/software. There is a replacement fee for damaged, lost and/or stolen items. See form below for more details.

If your department or group needs to use an iValidate reader, please fill out the form here at least a day in advance of the event.

One person from the department/organization will need to attend a 15 minute orientation on how the equipment works, return policy, etc. one a semester. It can be done when the equipment is picked up from the BearCard office.