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Math Faculty Shares Co-Req Success in Texas

Dr. Keith Pachlhofer shares UCA’s co-requisites math success in Austin, Texas.

On Friday, February 16, 2018, Dr. Keith Pachlhofer shared data from UCA’s co-requisite math program with educators from the state of Texas in Austin.  In Texas, House Bill 2223 stipulates the remediation strategy for institutions for higher education.  Currently, about 25% of all developmental education in the state is offered as a co-requisite program. By 2020, however, Texas institutions will be required to offer only co-requisite developmental education for students in need of remediation.  Influenced by HB 2223, Texas institutions and educators invited faculty and administrators who have developed successful co-requisite developmental programs to the state to share their successes.  Dr. Pachlhofer presented on the development of, challenges within, and improvements to UCA’s co-requisite math courses.  For more information about UCA’s co-requisite math courses, contact Dr. Keith Pachlhofer (

Math Faculty Presents in Belgium

Math faculty Mary Wood co-presented with her husband Charlie Wood at the International Leadership Association Conference in Brussels, Belgium, October 12-15, 2017.

The presentation focused on regression analysis to try to explain vast differences in murder rates across the United States. Over 100 variables were tested for possible correlation with murder rates. The Woods included variables from broad categories: demographic, population/area/density data, many education, economic status, lifestyle and cultural indicators, family structure, religion, drug and alcohol usage, crime data, gun ownership, laws, and political affiliations.

In their research, the Woods found that the strongest correlation with murder  was with single parent homes. Murder rises consistently as the percentage of single parent homes rises. Economic variables such as poverty rates or income gap played a minor role.

University College Writing Faculty Presents at International Conferences

On May 12, 2017, Flora Salyers and Elaine Corum presented at The Asian Conference on Language Learning in Kobe, Japan. Their presentation was titled “The American Male Social Deficit Model,” and it focused on the theory that American males forsake the friendship of other males in order to gain advantages in their profession, sports, or romantic interests.

Elaine Corum and friends enjoy the day in Kyoto.

Ms. Corum and Ms. Salyers also presented at the  2017 Conference of the International Congress on Education in Learning, which was held at the Università delle Tre Età Unitre in Milan, Italy, June 14-16, 2017. They presented their paper “The American Male Deficit Model:  Its Effect on International Male Students,” which discussed current research in the area and offers some suggestions for those working with international males who face this problem.

Celebrating Failure Week at UCA

Fail Forward Week was September 25th-29th, 2017.

University College in collaboration with the Office of Student Success, Learning Communities, and the Norbert O. Schedler Honors College developed and supported our first Fail Forward Week September 25-29, 2017. Fail Forward Week is a time to stop and reflect on the positive outcomes of failure and the necessity of failure in life.

University College placed a Fail Board on the 1st floor of Main Hall.

The week of acknowledging and celebrating failures as a process for learning included Fail Boards around campus. These boards allowed students, faculty, and staff to record their failures as a way to normalize the experience.
Other resources for sharing and supporting our failures were posted here:

UCA Hosts Annual ArkADE Conference

Dr. Laurie Hazard informs the participants about self-regulatory behaviors.

University College helped organize and plan the 2017 ArkADE Conference for student success faculty and developmental educators from all over the state. The conference took place at UCA’s Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center September 28-29, 2017. The theme for the conference was “Inspiring Student Success: Cultivating the Habits of Mind for Academic Achievement and Lifelong Learning.”

Dr. Laurie Hazard, Associate Dean of Student Success at Bryant University in Rhode Island was the keynote speaker on Thursday, September 28. Her topic “Inspiring Student Success: Cultivating The Ten Habits of Mind for College Achievement and Lifelong Learning” provided participants with 10 Habits of Mind that they can help students cultivate in their classes.

On Friday, September 29, Dr. Laurie Hazard and Ms. Stephanie Carter from Bryant University led two workshops on student success: “Understanding Self-Regulatory Behaviors” and “Promoting Student Reflection.”  Attendees gained a wealth of knowledge to take back to their students.