Math Faculty Shares Co-Req Success in Texas

Dr. Keith Pachlhofer shares UCA’s co-requisites math success in Austin, Texas.

On Friday, February 16, 2018, Dr. Keith Pachlhofer shared data from UCA’s co-requisite math program with educators from the state of Texas in Austin.  In Texas, House Bill 2223 stipulates the remediation strategy for institutions for higher education.  Currently, about 25% of all developmental education in the state is offered as a co-requisite program. By 2020, however, Texas institutions will be required to offer only co-requisite developmental education for students in need of remediation.  Influenced by HB 2223, Texas institutions and educators invited faculty and administrators who have developed successful co-requisite developmental programs to the state to share their successes.  Dr. Pachlhofer presented on the development of, challenges within, and improvements to UCA’s co-requisite math courses.  For more information about UCA’s co-requisite math courses, contact Dr. Keith Pachlhofer (