Current Scholarship Recipients

Please Note: Scholarship Renewal Requirements have changed.

To find your scholarships requirements, reinstatement procedures and other information please refer to the documents below. These documents will detail the individual scholarship requirements by year awarded.

Requesting Reinstatement of a Scholarship

In order to reinstate a lost UCA academic scholarship, the student must have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA, and must complete at least 15 hours the semester prior to reinstatement.  (Only Fall and Spring hours and GPA will count toward reinstatement requirements.)  If you would like to request reinstatement of your scholarship, complete the Scholarship Reinstatement Request Form.

Placing a Scholarship on Hold

UCA academic scholarship may be placed on hold for a semester or more if a student is not enrolling at UCA (or another institution), and has a documented medical condition; has been called to active military service; is participating in an official religious service or duty; or is studying abroad.  If you would like to request to place your scholarship on hold, please complete the Scholarship Exception Request Form.

Requesting an Exception to Renewal Requirements

Exceptions to the requirements for renewal of a scholarship are granted on a medical basis for severe or life-threatening medical emergencies, or on the basis of the student being called to military duty during the semester.  All requests must be accompanied by appropriate documentation as outlined on the Renewal Exception Form (see below).  If you would like to request an exception to the renewal requirements for your scholarship, complete the Scholarship Exception Request Form.



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