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The Department of Elementary, Literacy, and Special Education in the College of Education is proud to offer the MSE in Reading Program. This NCATE/ILA accredited program provides graduate candidates with the opportunity to extend their areas of licensure by pursuing graduate degrees. All graduate faculty members are dedicated to excellence in their profession and have received awards and recognition in leadership, scholarship, and service to the areas in which they teach.

The primary purposes of this program are to 1) prepare reading specialists/literacy coaches/ with advanced knowledge, strategies, leadership skills and professional dispositions that will allow them to work with struggling readers and writers, assist other classroom teachers in various aspects of teaching, and lead the reading/literacy program in the public schools and other institutions; 2) help classroom teachers improve their reading/literacy instruction. The program is designed to meet the performance standards of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE/CAPE), the International Literacy Association (ILA), and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

Information for Prospective Students

The newly revised M.S.E in Reading is a 30 credit hour online program designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills in the discipline of reading while also meeting requirements for the Arkansas Reading Specialist License. The Reading program content equips reading specialists to be effective in today’s educational setting, prepares professionals to meet the educational and social/emotional needs of students with dyslexia and other reading disabilities, and meets the standards of the International Literacy Association (ILA) and International Dyslexia Association (IDA). While graduates of the M.S.E in Reading who hold an Arkansas teaching license will be eligible for both the Arkansas Reading Specialist License K-12 and the new Arkansas Dyslexia Therapist Endorsement K-12, candidates wishing to pursue only the Dyslexia Therapist Endorsement K-12 may do so by completing the 15 hour program of study embedded in the M.S.E. Eligibility for the Arkansas Reading Specialist license continues to require the completion of the M.S.E. (The state requires a licensure test for the Dyslexia Therapist Endorsement and Arkansas Reading Specialist License.)

For detailed information on the program, see the program description in the 2015-16 graduate bulletin. MSE in Reading

The M.S.E. in Reading is an online program, delivered through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous formats. Selected courses do have a face-to-face component requiring graduate students to attend class on the UCA campus. The face-to-face requirement for individual classes is described in course syllabi. Questions can be directed to the program coordinator.

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Guidelines for MSE in Reading:

1. In addition to the general application and GPA requirements of the UCA Graduate School, applicants must

a. submit a valid teaching license if they want to be eligible for Arkansas Reading Specialist endorsement or Dyslexia Therapist endorsement. For individuals who have an out-of-state educator license,  contact the department at 501-450-3172.
b. submit two letters of reference from practicing professionals who can speak to the candidate’s knowledge, performance, dispositions, and capability to complete a master’s program.

2. No more than six hours of graduate coursework may be transferred from another institution of higher education (Not for courses with key assessments).

3. Application for participation in the Comprehensive Examination can only be filed after the completion of the 24th hour.

4. Participation in the Comprehensive Examination can take place only during the final semester of study.

5. Candidates who pursue the Reading Specialist endorsement must submit documentation of the Praxis Test for Reading Specialists score prior to taking comprehensive exams.

6. Candidates who fail the Reading Comprehensive Examination on the initial attempt may, after one semester has elapsed, apply for re-examination. This second attempt shall be the final opportunity to participate in the Reading Comprehensive Examination. Should the candidate fail the second attempt, the degree will not be awarded.

Programs in the COE that lead to licensure relating to P-12 schools require a passing score on the appropriate Praxis exam(s) and satisfactory completion of all key assessments identified by the program area. Candidates cannot complete their program unless both of these criteria have been met.

 Program of Study

ELSE 6314 Diagnosis and Intervention of Reading Difficulties, ELSE 6341 Literacy Strategies for Emergent and Early Readers, ELSE 6343 Clinical Practicum in Reading, ELSE 6345 Leadership, Supervision, and Professional Development in Literacy, ELSE 6346 Literacy Strategies for Advanced Readers, ELSE 6347 Foundations of Dyslexia and the Language,  ELSE 6348 Multisensory Approach to Language I, ELSE 6349 Multisensory Approach to Language II, ELSE 6379 Multicultural Literacies and Diverse Texts, and LEAD 6321 or ASTL 6380 Research Methods.

Some of the dyslexia courses (ELSE 6314, 6343, 6347, 6348, 6349) require some on-campus sessions and purchasing of additional materials related to dyslexia).

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