The Mashburn Voice

UCA’s Mashburn Center for Learning team is excited about introducing The Mashburn Voice, an abbreviated publication designed to represent the struggling learner. Our intention is to share Dr. Mashburn’s voice through this publication. While abbreviated in scope at the present time, the voice has much potential for growth in breadth and depth. In fact, we will publish Dr. Mashburn’s first lecture in the next edition. Our plan is to share the voice within and outside our university community.

We hope the recipients of The Mashburn Voice will share the electronic publication with your constituents. I ask colleagues to share the publication with all teacher education candidates. Hopefully, our Conway School District partners will share the publication with their administrative team. The publication has already been shared with our 40 plus Certified Professional Developers who represent our Arkansas Adolescent Literacy Intervention.

-Dr. Mark Cooper

Volume 1, Number 1 – October 2013