Testing Services

Testing Accommodation Information

Testing Accommodations are approved by Disability Resource Center staff. Once approved, students schedule exams on myDRC Online.  Although test scheduling will be done through myDRC Online, exam accommodations for students registered with DRC will be administered by the Office of Testing Accommodations (OTA). Office of Testing Accommodations is located in Torreyson West, Room 346. Please consult with Disability Resource Center for specific accommodation questions. If you have exam specific questions, please consult with Office of Testing Accommodations.

Students with disabilities may receive test accommodations determined on an individual basis. “Test,” as used in this context, refers to quizzes and examinations taken during the semester in conjunction with an academic class, both on campus and online. Students should discuss their specific needs for testing accommodations with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) staff.

Test accommodations are determined on an individualized basis and may include:

  • Extended time to complete examinations and quizzes
  • A testing location reduced of distractions
  • Equipment such as a computer, magnifier, or Braille
  • Readers and scribes
  • Alternative formats

Tests must be taken during the regular class time unless an alternate time is approved by the instructor. This will be determined by Office of Testing Accommodations and the instructor.

Testing Accommodation Procedures

Once students are approved by Disability Resource Center, testing accommodations will be administered by the Office of Testing Accommodations located in Torreyson West Room 346.

Scheduling Exams

Exams must be scheduled on myDRC Online and should be scheduled at least 3 business days in advance. See directions below on scheduling your exam:

  1. Once logged into myDRC Online you will select  “Alternative Testing” from the menu located on the left.
  2. A drop down box of your courses will appear.
  3. Select the course you wish to schedule an exam.
  4. Fill out the information about the exam including the testing accommodations you wish to use and submit your exam. 

*Please Note: If you have back to back classes please consult with Office of Testing Accommodations (OTA) and your instructor to find a time to take your exam so that you do not miss any of your other classes.

Office of Testing Accommodations (OTA)

Office of Testing Accommodations (OTA) administers the exam needs of students with disabilities by proctoring test/quiz accommodations and scheduling exam times. OTA works closely with UCA faculty concerning the proctoring of exams. In addition, OTA specializes in training for OTA Testing Procedures to support students success. Office of Testing Accommodations is located in Torreyson West, Room 346 or 314. 

Contact Information for Office of Testing Accommodations:

  • Location: Torreyson West Room 346 or 314
  • Phone: 501-450-5404 or 852-1216
  • Email: access@uca.edu

Testing Procedures

  1. If you are a new student, contact the Office of Testing Accommodations to setup a testing orientation before you schedule exams. Report to room 346 for your orientation.
  2. Schedule your exams on myDRC (uca.edu/disability).
  3. Report to Torreyson West 314 for your exam.
  4. Other procedures may apply. See Office of Testing Accommodations for further instruction.
  • Exam Scheduling: To schedule exams log onto myDRC Online.
  • For more information regarding Office of Testing Accommodations, please call 501-450-5404. 


Exams must be scheduled at least 3 days in advance in order to ensure adequate accommodations and must be scheduled within the parameters of Office of Testing Accommodations (OTA) business hours. Exams may be scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday – Friday (no later than 2:00 p.m. in order to receive double testing time). OTA reserves the right to refuse testing accommodations for those students who do not schedule examinations in advance. You and your instructor will receive a confirmation e-mail with the testing time you requested along with a copy of the information you submitted. If there are any issues with the exam request you submit online, University Testing will contact you as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made.

Students must contact OTA as early as possible to cancel their appointment if circumstances prevent keeping the appointment. Students must clear any changes in appointment time, date, or conditions with their instructors if such changes are needed. This should be done prior to rescheduling with OTA.

Students must communicate with their instructor’s prior to taking an exam in class. There must be an agreement made between the instructor and the student of whether or not the instructor can or cannot accommodate double testing time in class. Otherwise, the student will decline their double testing time if they take the exam in class.  University Testing provides testing rooms and will always provide the double testing time and space is never a problem with scheduling.

Students must arrive on time at the Office of Testing Accommodations location. Students who are late can be docked the late minutes from the time available to complete the examination. Because of limited seating, after 15 minutes, it will be assumed that you are a “NO SHOW” and your seat may be given away. OTA reserves the right to refuse testing accommodations for those students who do not arrive on time.