Current Students

Once you have submitted all necessary paperwork and completed your intake meeting with a member of the Disability Support Services Staff, you will receive notification of your status with our office. Below are some resources that may be useful for our students registered with the Disability Support Services office.

The Disability Support Services Student Handbook serves as a guide for all students registered with, and recieving accommodations from, our office. Each student recives a hard copy of this document at the time of their intake appointment, in whatever format necessary, and can also access the document at the bottom of this page.

The Disability Support Services Student Handbook hosts helpful information on everything from registration, to acommodations, to grievance policies which makes this document pivitol to the success of students with disabilities on the University of Central Arkansas campus.

If students require additional information regarding the Disability Support Services Student Handbook, we encourage them to contact our office at (501) 450-3613 and schedule an appointment to speak to one of our staff members.


DSS Student Handbook