Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

The Career Services Center is pleased to announce the following events located on the UCA campus.  Please mark your calendar(s) to attend these functions.  More information will be sent out at later dates.  If you have any questions regarding these functions, please feel free to call the Career Services Center at (501) 450-3134 or visit us on the third floor of Bernard Hall.



September, First Full Week: Internship Information Sessions, x-period

September, Fourth Full Week of Classes: Snapshot

October, First Full Week: Spotlight Internship (classroom presentations)

October, Second Tuesday: Career Carnival

October, Last Wednesday: Health Career Fair

November, First Wednesday: Fall Career Fair

November, Third Wednesday: Career Links Program (faculty & organizations only)



February, First Full Week: Internship Information Sessions, x-period

February, Second Tuesday: Dress for Success Workshop

February, Last Friday: Teachers' Fair

February, Last Wednesday and Thursday: Career Executive Outlook (classroom presentations)

February and March: Future Interns Program

March, First Wednesday: Spring Job Fair

March, First Tuesday after the Spring Job Fair: Annual Internship Banquet

April, First Friday: Explore Your Career Field Day (classroom presentations)

April, Third Thursday: Career 911



This schedule of events is sponsored by the UCA Career Services Center and your Student Government Association.