Arkansas’s Property Tax is Low, But What Does That Mean For Income and Sales Tax Rates?

By Caleb Taylor Arkansas has the third highest combined state-local sales tax rate in the nation and the highest personal income tax rate of its surrounding states. But there is one area of taxation where Arkansans enjoy a relatively low burden: property taxes. According to the Tax Foundation, Arkansas has the third-lowest state and local […]

Fair Market Value Compensation: Is this the right standard?

By Ashley Wofford In my previous post, I gave an overview of ACRE’s most recent eminent domain policy brief by George Mason Professor of Law, Ilya Somin: “Ripe for Reform: Eminent Domain Law in Arkansas.” The first aspect of Arkansas eminent domain law that Somin points out as having a potential for abuse is fair […]

Learning From Other States On Tax Reform

By Caleb Taylor What can Arkansas learn from other states’ work on tax reform? UCA Assistant Professor of Economics and ACRE Scholar Jeremy Horpedahl and Nicole Kaeding, Director of Special Projects at the Tax Foundation, answer this question and more in a just-released research paper Learning from Other States’ Successes and Failures in Tax Reform. […]

How to Reform Eminent Domain in Arkansas

By Ashley Wofford It’s been thirteen years since the Supreme Court handed down its controversial ruling in Kelo v. City of New London (2005) that unleashed a wave of eminent domain reform in state legislatures across the country. Ilya Somin, Professor of Law at George Mason University teamed up with ACRE to look back at […]

Sales Tax Exemption Gimmicks Mask High State Income Taxes

By Caleb Taylor Arkansas should consider ending its counterproductive tax-exemptions, and instead lower income taxes, according to ACRE Scholar and UCA Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Jeremy Hopedahl. Horpedahl discussed the latest tax-policy news on Capitol View this Sunday with Jessi Turnure, KARK Political Correspondent. Topics included the grocery tax exemption, back-to-school sales tax holidays, […]

Out of 43 recommended tax reforms, legislators move forward on only 7

By Caleb Taylor Seven. That’s the number of sales tax exemptions members of the Arkansas Tax Reform and Relief Legislative Task Force recommended for further study on April 25th and 26th. Sales Taxes According to a Department of Finance & Administration report, there are currently at least 115 state sales tax exemptions. Some of these […]

How Does Occupational Licensing Affect Recidivism?

By Caleb Taylor Licensing requirements may prevent ex-convicts from finding employment after leaving prison — and that may drive them back into crime. That’s what Stephen Slivinski, a senior research fellow at the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty at Arizona State University, said to UCA students on March 27th. Slivinski is the author […]

‘Road Map to Tax Reform’ Co-Author Kaeding to Discuss Income Taxes Thursday

By Caleb Taylor Is it time to reduce Arkansas’s income taxes? Nicole Kaeding, Arkansas: The Road Map To Tax Reform co-author and Director of Special Projects for the Tax Foundation, will speak to members of the Arkansas Legislative Tax Reform and Relief Task Force about reforming Arkansas’s income taxes on Thursday, April 26th. Arkansas: The […]

Serious about Tax Reform? — 3 Reasons You Should Focus on Cutting Income Taxes

By Caleb Taylor Arkansans would all benefit from shifting the state’s tax burden away from income taxes, ACRE Scholar and UCA Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Jeremy Horpedahl said in a speech at a “Tax Freedom Day” event at the State Capitol on Friday, April 13th. It’s good for taxpayers, consumers, businesses, and even state […]

Tax Freedom Day — ACRE Economist to Speak about Tax Reform

By Caleb Taylor ACRE Scholar and UCA Assistant Professor of Economics Jeremy Horpedahl will speak about ACRE’s tax research at Arkansas Tax Freedom Day at 12:30 p.m. Friday, April 13th at the rotunda of the Arkansas State Capitol. According to the Tax Foundation, Tax Freedom Day in Arkansas is the date Arkansans have to work […]