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What is Linguistics?

Linguistics is the scientific study of language in all its aspects. We look at how all languages are alike, how they differ, and how they change over time. Core objects of inquiry include the properties of speech sounds (phonetics), how sounds pattern (phonology), word formation (morphology), sentence structure (syntax), meaning (semantics), and how language functions in society (sociolinguistics). Subfields and applications include language documentation, educational linguistics, philosophy of languagehistorical linguistics, computational linguistics, anthropological linguistics, cognitive linguistics, neurolinguistics, discourse analysisfirst and second language acquisition, and more. UCA offers courses in those subfields listed in bold.


Keep on track for graduation by planning your courses using the Linguistics Major or Minor checksheets:

NEW Linguistics Major checksheet, Fall 2022

NEW Linguistics Minor checksheet, Fall 2022

NEW TESOL Minor, Fall 2022

TESOL minor (vs TESL certificate) FAQ, Feb 2022

OLD Checksheets

Linguistics Major Checksheet 2020

Linguistics Minor Checksheet 2020

Linguistics Major Checksheet 2016

Linguistics Minor Checksheet S16

Linguistics Major Checksheet 2015

Linguistics Minor Checksheet 2015

OLDEST Linguistics Major Checksheet 2010-2014

OLDEST Linguistics Minor Checksheet 2004-2014



All Linguistics major take LING 4110 Capstone in Linguistics, and it is in this class that students will turn in a portfolio that demonstrates their growth and proficiency in the core areas of linguistics and the student’s chosen Track. The digital portfolio must be fully uploaded by the week before graduation (=exam week of the student’s final semester). We are currently accepting submissions via Google Classroom.

The portfolio will be assessed by the rubric below by professors in Linguistics, and by affiliated faculty as required.

NEW The Linguistics Major Portfolio v. July 2021

Linguistics Portfolio Rubric