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Ramón Escamilla

Associate Professor, Linguistics; Director of Linguistics

Irby 302C

(501) 852-0997


Ph.D.     Linguistics, U.C. Berkeley (2012)

M.A.      Linguistics, U.C. Berkeley (2008)

B.A.      Japanese, U.C. Berkeley (2002)


Current research interests

Hupa (Dene/Athabaskan)

Evidentiality and mirativity


Privileged speech and discriminatory language

Critical Discourse Analysis

Japanese media discourse


Recent publications

2021. When is a causative situation not mapped to a causative construction proper? The case of Hupa (Dene; California). Macrolinguistics 9(1), 101-112.

Submitted. Translation, with Tadashi Yanai. Yanai, Tadashi. Films in which gods really breathe: Jean Rouch and the ciné-anthropology of nature. Japanese title: 神々が息づく映画——ルーシュとアフリカ的自然 [kami-gami ga ikizuku eiga: rūshu to afurika-teki shizen]

2019. Surveying the functions of Hupa =gya‘.
Proceedings of the 2018 Dene Languages Conference. Fairbanks, AK: University of Alaska.

2015. Lexical causativity revisited: material destruction events in Hupa (California Athabaskan). Southern Journal of Linguistics, 39-2: 1-24.

 2014b. A preliminary semantics and morphosyntactic typology of Chungli Ao descriptions of cutting and breaking (C&B) events. Indian Linguistics 75 (3-4) 2014: 65-82.