Checksheets for Languages

Declaring A Major or Minor

Not yet a Modern Languages major or minor, but want to declare one? Email Ms. Hannah Hanshaw ( She will add the major or minor and ensure you make degree progress!

Current Modern Languages Major Checksheets

Current Modern Languages Minor Checksheets

Previous Modern Languages Major and Minor Checksheets

Chinese Minor Checksheet

French Business and Traditional Major Checksheet 2015

French Education Major Checksheet 2015

French Minor Checksheet

German Minor Checksheet

Structure of new German schedule

Spanish Traditional Major Checksheet 2015

Spanish Education Major Checksheet 2015

Spanish Business Major Checksheet 2015

Spanish Minor Checksheet

Chinese Traditional Major Checksheet 2018            

Chinese Education Major Checksheet 2018           

Chinese Business Major Checksheet 2018

Chinese Minor Checksheet 2018