Program and Housing Fees

Students are required to pay The Washington Center (TWC) program and housing fees in full prior to the start of the term of the Academic Internship Program.  Each participating student will receive an invoice for the program and housing fees directly from The Washington Center, less any scholarships awarded to the student by the TWC.

With the exception of some UCA course fees (e.g., Journalism technology fee), UCA students who participate in the TWC program are not billed for UCA tuition/fees for the courses directly related to the TWC internship program in the spring, fall, and summer terms.  UCA students participating in the TWC internship program are required to complete either twelve credit hours in the fall/spring terms or nine credit hours in the summer term.  These UCA credit hours generally include experiential learning courses, such as independent study and internship courses.  Students should keep in mind any minimum credit hour requirements for maintaining UCA financial assistance and scholarships.

Estimated Cost Comparison

Fall/Spring at UCA
Spring/Fall at TWC 2024         
Tuition and Fees (15 hours) $5,059.15 TWC Program Fee $9,700.00
Room and Board $4,484.00 TWC Housing Fee $6,570.00
$9,543.15 Subtotal**
Additional Expenses: Additional Expenses:
Estimated Personal Expenses $2,000.00 Estimated Personal Expenses (including meals and public transportation in DC) $2,800.00
Estimate Educational Expenses (including books and supplies)
$1,000.00 Estimated Travel Expenses (round-trip airfare to and from DC) $500.00
Total Estimated Costs*  $12,543.15 Total Estimated Costs***  $19,570.00

* The total estimated costs for UCA students attending classes on campus vary depending on housing options and meal plans.  This estimate is based on a student living in a residential hall, double-room, Tier 2 ($2,515.00) and the total access meal plan ($1,969.00).

** The TWC program and housing fees are lower in the summer terms compared to the spring and fall terms.  In the summer term, the program fee is $7,320.00 and the housing fee is $4,990.00.  The subtotal is $12,310.00 for students participating in TWC program in the summer term.

*** The estimated personal expenses (meals and public transportation) for the summer term are $1,800.00 and the estimated travel expenses for the summer term are $500.00. The total estimated costs for the summer term are $14,610.00.

Options for paying the costs of The Washington Center (TWC) Program
  1. UCA students may be eligible for UCA financial aid or they may be able to apply some of their regular UCA financial aid to their participation in the TWC internship program in the summer, fall, or spring terms.  Please contact the UCA Financial Aid Office to schedule a meeting to discuss your options.
  2. UCA students may be eligible for the State of Arkansas Scholarship for The Washington Center (TWC) Program.  Please see the eligibility and other information provided below.  UCA students who are eligible should submit their applications for the TWC internship program by the early deadline.  After submitting an application, the TWC will contact UCA students regarding the availability of funds for the scholarship.
  3. UCA students may be eligible for private scholarships offered by The Washington Center (TWC).  Please submit applications directly to the TWC for private scholarships.
  4. UCA students may be matched with internship locations that provide a stipend.  After being accepted for the TWC internship program, please consult with the TWC representative regarding your options for a paid internship.
State of Arkansas Scholarship for The Washington Center (TWC) Program

Some applicants may be eligible for a scholarship from the State of Arkansas.  The State of Arkansas Scholarship is approximately $7,000.00 for a limited number of eligible students participating in the internship program.  There are a limited number of State of Arkansas Scholarships available each year, so UCA students should submit their applications on or prior to the early deadline.

In order to be eligible for the State of Arkansas Scholarship, an applicant from UCA must:

  • be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident alien;
  • be a resident of the state of Arkansas;
  • be at least a second-semester sophomore at UCA and have a minimum 2.75 GPA;
  • be enrolled in a four-year, baccalaureate degree program at UCA; and
  • be approved to participate in the internship program in the spring, summer, or fall.


For more information, please contact:
Dr. Mark Mullenbach, UCA Liaison
Department of Government, Public Service, and International Studies
Irby Hall 217