Internship Placement Process

After successful completion of the application process, The Washington Center (TWC) works hard to provide internship opportunities closely tailored to a student’s interests and needs.  TWC matches students with an internship, unless a student is able to secure their own internship.  Because TWC must often wait until a given semester approaches for internship sites to determine their needs, the internship placement process can sometimes take several weeks.  Although this process maximizes a student’s opportunities, it can sometimes lead to anxiety.  Placement process timelines are different for each student, depending on the credentials of the student and the needs of internship sites.  Below is a general timeline of the internship placement process.

(1)  After an applicant has been approved for The Washington Center (TWC) program, the student will be contacted by an internship advisor to begin the internship placement process.  Accepted students will also be given password access to the Accepted Students section of TWC website that will provide important information about the placement process, housing assignment, and other general information.  The internship advisor and the student will schedule an advising session to:

  • Define goals and expectations based on your interests, knowledge and skills.
  • Review your resume and offer tips for improvement.
  • Discuss next steps in the internship matching process.
  • Explore potential internship site opportunities.

(2)  In the next few weeks, the following steps are taken:

  • TWC submits your documents to targeted internship sites.
  • An internship site will reach out to you and conduct a phone interview (repeat, if necessary).
  • An internship offer is made, and you confirm your internship site.

(3)  During this internship placement process, the internship advisor will provide the following to enhance a student’s professional skills:

  • Mock phone interviews
  • Online workshops
  • Decision-making guidance
  • Professional development resources