Post Application Process

Post-application acceptance

If your application for The Washington Center (TWC) is approved, you will be notified promptly.  A staff member from TWC will contact you to discuss the internship placement process. You will also be given password access to the Accepted Students section of TWC website that will provide important information about your placement process, housing assignment, and other general information.

If you submit a complete application by the regular deadline and meet the minimum eligibility requirements, the application fee will be refunded if you are not accepted into the program.

Post-internship process

After completing the internship, the UCA Liaison receives evaluation materials from The Washington Center (TWC) and works with your faculty advisor, internship coordinator, or department chair to insure that credit hours and grades are officially recorded.  Three recommendations for grades are sent by TWC to the UCA Liaison.

  • Internship Supervisor – The Internship Supervisor will provide a recommended letter grade and evaluation of the student’s performance at the internship site.
  • Academic Course – The academic course instructor will provide a recommended letter grade and evaluation of the student’s academic performance in the evening academic course.
  • TWC Program Advisor/Program Manager – The program advisor or manager will provide a recommended final letter grade and evaluation based upon the student’s performance in meeting the syllabus requirements, as evidenced by the student’s portfolio.


The Washington Center and UCA Coursework

The Washington Center (TWC) does not issue academic credit.  The UCA Liaison works with students and faculty members to line up appropriate courses and ensure UCA credit hours.  A preliminary list of UCA courses for which the student will receive credit should be given to the UCA Liaison prior to submitting the application to TWC.  Any changes to the preliminary course list should be emailed to the UCA Liaison prior to a student’s departure for Washington DC.  Students will only be registered for courses taken during the semester in which they are participating in The Washington Center (TWC).