Application Procedures & Deadlines

If you are interested in applying for The Washington Center (TWC) for Internships and Academic Seminars, please closely follow the procedures outlined below.


Spring 2019 Semester: Priority deadline is October 17th.  Regular deadline is November 14th.

Summer 2019: Priority deadline is February 20th. Regular deadline is March 13th.

1.  Visit the website of The Washington Center (TWC) to determine if this program is right for you.  Applications for the program will need to be submitted online from TWC website.  Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply for the program.  See the list of Sample TWC Internships.  Please do not submit an online application until all of the procedures have been followed.

2.  Make an appointment to talk to your academic advisor at UCA and/or the internship coordinator in your department about whether or not TWC program fits with your academic degree plans.  Participating students must enroll in at least twelve [12] credit hours at UCA during the Fall or Spring semester (or nine credit hours during the summer).  Students should determine the UCA courses in which they will be enrolled during the semester of the program.  The courses are usually, but not necessarily, internship and independent study courses offered by the student’s department at UCA.  Other courses such as online courses, as approved by the academic advisor, may be considered for coursework beyond the minimum twelve credit hours (or nine credit hours).  The UCA Coursework Form [The Washington Center UCA Coursework Form_2018] will need to be completed, signed, and submitted to the UCA Liaison prior to the end of the semester during which an application is submitted for TWC program.  The Office of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) will register participating students for their courses so that they are not billed for tuition and fees by UCA.

3.  At any time in the application process, please contact Dr. Peter Mehl, UCA Liaison, at if you have any questions regarding TWC program.

4.  If necessary, make an appointment with the UCA Office of Financial Aid regarding the financial options for participating in TWC program.  Students who are normally eligible for financial aid (e.g. state or UCA scholarships, federal student loans, etc.) should ask if this assistance can be used to cover the program and housing fees of TWC program.  See the website of The Washington Center (TWC) for current information regarding program and housing fees.  Please remember that participating UCA students may be eligible for the Arkansas Scholarship ($7,000) for TWC program, so participants may not have to pay the full amount of the program and housing fees.

5.  Carefully prepare your application materials (see list below) prior to the application deadline.  The résumé, issue essay, and letters of recommendation must be submitted online with your application.

6.  Make an appointment to meet with Dr. Peter Mehl, UCA Liaison, in the Office of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts (120 Irby Hall) before submitting your TWC applications materials online.  A copy of the 500-word issue essay should be email to Dr. Mehl at prior to the meeting.  The UCA Liaison is responsible for reviewing and approving applications for TWC program.

7.  Submit your application with any necessary application fees.


Application Materials

Issue Essay – Applicant should write an essay of approximately 500 words to be used as a writing sample.  The essay provides an applicant with the opportunity to reflect on a key issue related to his or her professional field of interest and demonstrate written communication skills to TWC and prospective internship site supervisors.  The issue essay should be typed using Times New Roman, 12 pt font, and double-spaced.  Please include a title at the beginning of the issue essay.

Statement of Professional Interest – In approximately 100 words, applicant should describe their internship interests, future career goals, skills that are desired from the internship, and one or more ways in which they might contribute to the internship site.  Applicants should not specify the name of any particular organization in the statement.

Résumé – Applicants should include a one-page résumé that outlines their educational background, honors or recognitions, work experience, activities, special skills, etc.  Please be sure to include any computer-related expertise or foreign language skills, as well as prior internships and community service activities.

Letters of Recommendation – Two letters of recommendation are required.  One of these letters must be from a UCA faculty member, while the other may be from a professional supervisor.  Neither letter should come from a family member or friend, and it is suggested that the letters not come from high school teachers.  Letters of recommendation are submitted online directly by the recommenders.

Official Transcript – Applicants must request an official transcript from the UCA Registrar’s Office.  Official transcripts are preferably uploaded directly into the application.  Alternatively, official transcripts may be mailed to:  The Washington Center, Enrollment Services, 1333 16th Street N.W., Washington DC 20036.



Dr. Peter Mehl, UCA Liaison
Irby Hall 120