Our Mission and Goals


University College Faculty

University College supports and contributes to the mission of the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) by offering a curriculum of state-mandated developmental requirements and general education courses designed to lead to the completion of a two-year Associate of Arts in General Education Degree or to prepare students for progression into UCA’s baccalaureate degree programs. By being sensitive and responsive to the individual differences and diverse needs of transitional students seeking to achieve college-level skills in a variety of academic disciplines, University College promotes, encourages, and stimulates the personal, social, and intellectual growth of its student base through its commitment to the following goals and values:

  • Our belief in a holistic and comprehensive approach to learning and learners;

  • Our belief that all student learners have different talents and backgrounds;

  • Our commitment to identify these diversities in order to foster a supportive, student-centered atmosphere that encourages student academic success;

  • Our commitment to provide and develop curriculum and support services that prepare students for upper division courses at UCA.

The Goals of University College include:

Preparing students for upper division baccalaureate programs;

Preparing students for careers requiring post secondary education through the associate degree level;

Providing under-prepared students with opportunities to achieve entry level skills in reading, writing and mathematics;

Developing over time, in conjunction with the Division of Academic Outreach and Extended Programs, opportunities to improve employability, enhance career skills, and attain personal enrichment through courses, seminars, workshops, and other continuing education programs.

University College will fulfill these goals by providing the following Programs and Services:

Serving as the base of a baccalaureate degree program at UCA for less well prepared students, developing support services and curriculum to meet student needs;

Offering freshman and sophomore-level courses leading to an Associate Degree in General Education or other associate degrees offered by the university;

Working with the Division of Undergraduate Studies and other university support services, to provide instructional programs and tutorial services that assist under-prepared students;

In conjunction with the Division of Academic Outreach and Extended Programs, developing additional selected continuing education and adult education programs, including associate degrees or certificates, to meet occupational or technical needs in the community.

To learn more about University College, please contact:

University College
Main Hall, Room 10
Phone: 501-450-3220