Website Style Guide

Brand Standards

All official University of Central Arkansas communications should create brand continuity by using proper logos, colors and wordmarks.

Applying brand standards allows our target audiences, including current and future students, international students, faculty and staff, alumni, donors and parents to immediately recognize UCA amidst the clutter and stand out from the crowd.

Official Colors

The two official colors of the University of Central Arkansas are purple and gray.

Official purple

Official gray

Color Palette

In addition to the official colors, the following color palette may be used to enhance the brand identity for the university.

Official purple

Purple highlight

Purple shadow

Official gray

Gray highlight

Gray shadow


Green highlight

Green shadow


Blue highlight

Blue shadow


Teal highlight

Teal shadow


Approved Fonts

Current best practices point toward using Google Fonts within a website. This allows the use of quality typography on several platforms. The following fonts are used throughout the site as established by CSS and should not be modified.

Source Serif Pro

Source Sans Pro


Material Icons


I am a heading H1

I am a heading H2

I am a heading H3

I am a heading H4

I am a heading H5
I am a heading H6

Body Copy

Body copy uses standards and styles as established by CSS and should not be modified.

Responsive Design

Creation of CONTENT is the beginning of all communication.

Whether it be mobile devices, iPads, iPhones or even gaming consoles, users need access to content. Through the use of Responsive Design, we are able to maintain control over the display of our content and at the same time, keep our brand consistent. This allows the best user experience, no matter the platform.


The use of quality photography is required for all websites. Care should be taken when choosing images. If you are needing a specific photo taken or a headshot for your website, please see the photo shoot request form.


Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web.

Under the Arkansas Act 1227 of 1999, UCA has a legal obligation to develop and maintain accessible webpages. Websites must also comply with accessibility standards developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). In addition, websites developed for those that receive federal funding must also abide by Section 508 laws.

Visit Disability Support Services if you have additional questions regarding accessibility.