University Logos

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Official University of Central Arkansas logos including primary, secondary, and spirit marks are available for download in the BEARSHARE Brand Portal. All official logos, marks, and symbols included are trademarks of the University of Central Arkansas and the sole property of the University.

Permission for Use

The following entities are authorized to use the University’s trademarks:

  • University units including UCA Board of Trustees; University colleges, departments, centers and official UCA entities
  • Directly linked organizations including sub brands and independent brands such as the UCA Alumni Association and Reynolds Performance Hall
  • UCA faculty and staff for official University-related business
  • Student Government Association (SGA) for official University-related business

All other entities not listed above must secure permission from University Marketing and Communications before using official logos, marks or symbols of UCA.

All other entities, including students and student organizations, must secure permission from the office of University Marketing and Communications before using official trademarks. Please send requests for trademark usage to

Our Primary Logos

Our primary University logo (full-color shield with wordmark) is the preferred logo for marketing and communication materials.

Our Secondary Logos

Secondary logos may be used in place of the primary logo due to size restrictions or other specific production requirements. The primary logos should be used whenever possible.

Our Spirit Marks

The bear head and bear paw are available for use as spirit marks and may be used to promote bear pride in University communications and promotional materials. University units are not allowed to create logos using the bear head or bear paw. Spirit marks should never be used in place of the academic logos.

University Seal

The University seal is a restricted use mark. Use of the seal is primarily limited to the Office of the President and the Office of the Provost. The seal is intended for formal displays, transcripts, graduation materials, official recognition and legal documents. Permission to use the seal must be obtained through the office of University Marketing and Communications at

Athletic Logos

Athletic logos are reserved for use by the athletics department and should not be used to represent the University in administrative or academic applications.

For additional athletic logo and licensing information visit

Academic and Administrative Units

Academic Administrative UnitsAcademic and administrative unit marks are in the BEARSHARE Brand Portal. Departmental marks are created as requested and added to the BEARSHARE Brand Portal.  Contact if you are in need of a department or office mark set.

For additional questions or requests, please contact the office of University Marketing and Communications at 852-0142 or email us at