University Primary Logos

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The overall shape of the logo is an academic shield – a symbol of strength, trust and security. The form of the shield is inspired by the Great Seal of the State of Arkansas, which was the primary symbol of the institution for many decades.

The window is a long-standing symbol of the school, which represents the opportunity to explore new worlds and is prominently featured throughout campus architecture.

Laurels flank the shield and represent the institution’s heritage of and commitment to academic excellence. Each laurel has seven leaves – a nod to 1907, the year the school was founded.

The crest features both official school colors: purple and gray.

Our primary University logo (full-color shield with wordmark) is the preferred logo for marketing and communication materials.

Please download the official Identity Guide for expanded logo and branding information.

For additional questions or requests, please contact the office of University Marketing and Communications at 852-0142 or email us at