Extended Probation

What is Extended Academic Probation at UCA?

UCA is committed to the academic success of our students, and we understand that success is not always achieved in a predictable path. There are many reasons a student’s GPA falls below a 2.0, especially this semester. These can include financial challenges, health concerns, family issues, or other reasons. Our goal is to help you to identify the factors that are relevant to you and to help you address them through the Academic Recovery Process (ARP). We want you to succeed!

For more information on Extended Academic Probation, see “Academic Policies [8] Suspension” in the Undergraduate Bulletin: https://uca.edu/ubulletin/general-policies-information/academic-records/

What do I need to do as part of the Academic Recovery Process?

For students on Extended Academic Probation

  1. Attend an orientation session that will be held in August prior to the start of the Fall semester. On campus and online sessions will be available as possible. Watch your UCA email later in the summer for information on dates and times for these sessions.
  2. Meet with your academic advisor this summer (July-August), to discuss options you might have for grade forgiveness, how your current academic standing might influence your degree plan, and other important information about completing your program.
    1. Need to know who your advisor is? Go to uca.edu, login to myUCA, select Degreeworks.
  3. Discuss your financial aid with your Financial Aid Counselor. If you receive financial aid, this extended probation does not guarantee continuing aid or influence your aid status. Please contact the financial aid office about your status this summer (July-August).
  4. Work with the Office of Student Success Coordinator, Mr. Marvin Williams, this Fall to complete several academic improvement activities. These activities include:
    1. Completing and submitting an academic assessment to help identify barriers and issues that may have contributed to Extended Academic Probation (This is due before the start of the Fall semester. Details to follow.)
    2. Committing to using a Planner every week (Planners will be available through the Office of Student Success.)
    3. Submitting a weekly accountability form. (You will find this very helpful!)
    4. Participating in a monthly coaching session with a Peer Success Coach, during which you will create and review an Academic Success Plan.
    5. Attending a minimum of five Academic Success Workshops during the semester and submitting a reflection on the content. (These are held during X-period, and some are available online.)

What if I don’t complete the Academic Recovery Process requirements?

The Academic Recovery Process is designed to help you successfully complete your education, so we hope you will see this as a great opportunity for improvement, and will complete the requirements as outlined. Fall GPA will be used to calculate your future Academic Standing, which could include suspension if you do not meet minimum requirements, so please take advantage of this program!

Please note that a registration hold is placed on your student account that prevents future registration until the ARP requirements are met, but don’t wait until the last minute before registration opens. This program is here to help you! We want to ensure that you have a rewarding and successful experience during your years at The University of Central Arkansas.