The Stars Residential College in Short/Denney Hall (Stars@Short/Denney)

Students are the stars in The Stars Residential College at Short/Denney Hall. Live music in the lobby, poetry slams and theater performances on the courtyard stage, art and digital filmmaking, and writing and communication make the environment thick with creative energy. You will find places to practice music alone and spaces ready for a jam session. The Stars is associated with the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science. Live and learn in The Stars, and you will find your muse!

Community Highlights:

  • Experience suite-style living.
  • Enjoy spontaneous music performance in the common areas.
  • Open mic night!
  • Theater productions are performed on the courtyard stage.
  • Take UCA Core classes taught in the Stars@Short/Denney classroom.
  • View student art and photography exhibitions.
  • Have 24/7 access to in-hall practice rooms.

The Stars@Short/Denney classes:

*Click here for a more detailed class schedule