The Sophomore Read

Graphic Novel MAUS von Art Spiegelman, Pantheon Books

The Sophomore Read for Fall 2022 is Maus: A Survivor’s Tale by Art Spiegelman. This Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel is a non-fiction account of the Holocaust told through the story of Spiegelman’s father, a Polish Jew and survivor. This book has been recently banned by a Tennessee school board for “rough, objectionable language.” If you are interested in discussing genocide (in general) and the Holocaust (in particular), then join Dr. Jayme Millsap Stone on either Mondays or Fridays at 12:00-12:50 to read and discuss Maus. This class is an ACAD 1170 and the CRNs are 26367 and 26370.

ACAD 1170 – Between the Lines:  Strategies for Intelligent Reading is designed to offer a book club experience in which students have the opportunity to read for pleasure while practicing strategies of engagement and comprehension.  The course will focus on the enjoyment of reading as well as the benefits of reading while helping students develop reading skills which will help them become more prolific and critical consumers of the written word.

Dr. Jayme Millsap Stone
Director of Learning Communities