Sophomore Year Experience Living & Learning Community

Like the origami bird in the SYE L&LC logo, second-year students begin to take flight in their sophomore year of college. This Japanese art form of origami takes a simple piece of paper and creates a universe of beautiful sculptures through complex folding. The possibilities are endlessly creative, as are SYE students. Your sophomore year is about folding and sculpting yourself and your future!

Community Highlights:

  • Experience suite-style living in beautiful Bear Hall
  • Earn one hour academic credit for The Sophomore Read
  • Earn one hour academic credit for Sophomore Service
  • Earn one hour academic credit for StrengthsQuest for SYE
  • Avoid the dreaded “sophomore slump”
  • Explore the pathways to complete your co-curricular transcript
  • Maintain your motivation to succeed academically
  • Belong to a community that cares about you
  • Learn the critical thinking skills employers want and need
  • Manage your personal and professional development
  • Practice how to develop your natural talents into strengths
  • Participate in an exclusive experience for second-year students