Learning Communities Mission & Goals

Our Mission

UCA’s Learning Communities bring together students, faculty & staff from all walks of life as a family that cares about one another’s personal & academic growth. We are a community of scholars that encourages an environment of intellectual risk and who engage in academic, professional, & civic endeavors in order to help students persist to graduation.  By participating in learning communities we affirm our commitment to a culture of inclusiveness, innovation, & collaboration.

Our Goals

Learning Community students will:

  • Identify themselves as effective learners & critical thinkers who are strongly committed to achieving their academic goals & life-long learning
  • Demonstrate a commitment to local and global concerns by contributing time, talents, and efforts in service to the community & realize the impact of that service
  • Be prepared to engage in diverse scholarly activities and creative endeavors
  • Collaborate effectively in teams, working through dissent to build consensus
  • Communicate thoughtfully and effectively with a variety of audiences

Our Colleges