HPaW@Baridon Returner Application 2018-19

HPaW@Baridon Returner Application for AY 2018-19

This form is for students currently living in the HPaW@Baridon program who wish to return for AY 2018-19. This application is due at midnight 30 January 2018. The Residential College Selection Committee will make a decision not later than 1 February 2018 and you will be notified shortly after.
  • HPaW@Baridon applicants must be majoring and/or minoring in areas associated with the College of Health & Behavioral Sciences.
  • Please describe how you have contributed to the HPaW@Baridon program for fall 2017 and spring 2018 (to date).
  • Please describe how you plan to contribute to building community and academic engagement in the HPaW@Baridon program as a 2018-19 participant.
  • Please list the names and IDs of any roommate requests.
    Check each completed task to verify your HPaW@Baridon application is complete.