HPaW Residential College

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Theme for 2019-20: Be Curious

Students in the prestigious College of Health and Behavioral Sciences (CHBS) will find it helpful to be surrounded by like-minded students with similar aspirations. For you we have HPaW@Baridon— an exciting residential college associated with the CHBS and its departments: Communication Sciences and Disorders, Exercise and Sport Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health Sciences, Military Science and Leadership, Psychology and Counseling, and the School of Nursing. Short for Health Promotion and Wellness, HPaW serves as a unique learning community for students, allowing you to more closely work together towards your futures in health professions and behavioral sciences.

Community Highlights

  • There’s a dedicated fitness classroom with TrekDesks, adding movement to studying.
  • Students are associated with the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, which is a primary producer of health care professionals in Arkansas.
  • UCA Core courses are taught in the HPaW@Baridon classroom.
  • Community cooking monthly!
  • This living and learning environment prepares students for advanced studies in nationally accredited programs.
  • Students have opportunities to work closely with accomplished faculty who have real-world experience in their respective fields of study.

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