Finis Origine Pendit

"The end depends upon the beginning"

The Residential College Program at UCA currently consists of five living & learning communities: HPaW Residential College @ Baridon Hall, EDGE Residential College @ Hughes Hall, The Stars Residential College @ Short/Denney Hall, STEM Residential College @ Arkansas Hall, and EPIC Residential College @ Bear Hall. Each Residential College has a unique theme and character; more details can be learned about each on the individual websites.

Just a few of advantages of living in a Residential College:

  • Students take some of their classes in their building of residence, making studying and doing homework together even more convenient and productive.
  • Upper-class Mentors, Learning Assistants and Resident Assistants serve as positive role models and are always willing to help freshmen with any questions.

Are you convinced you want a spot in a Residential College? Any incoming freshman or transfer student can apply for admission.