Gusangira Project

Tentative Travel Dates: June 8-July 5, 2019

Science and Society in Rwanda is an interdisciplinary service-learning opportunity for students enrolled in either of the courses related to cultural studies or natural science. While each course has independent learning outcomes, both will investigate the intersection of science and culture through service-learning. Students will discuss issues such as the colonial creation of race, modernity, material culture, literature, environmentalism and society, and the 1994 genocide.

Site visits include national museums and parks, schools, genocide memorials, golden monkey trekking, and local villages where relationships have been previously established to reinforce learning objectives. All students will participate in projects that address quality education, environmental conservation, access to basic needs and social entrepreneurship. Since 2012, over 50 UCA students & faculty have participated in the Gusangira Project. 

Courses offered:

Dr. Leah Horton

BIOL 4390 Special Topics

Dr. Jayme Millsap Stone

HIST 1375 FYS: Diversity in World Cultures (UCA Lower Division Core)

WLAN 2315 Cultural Studies (UCA Lower Division Core) 

Honors 3110 Junior Seminar credit also available.

2019 Program Cost to be announced soon.

As a reference only, please see 2017 program budget. UCA in Rwanda Program Cost 2017

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