Give Back, Alumni!

Canoeing 2A Stroll Down Memory Lanepurple+footprints

Residential College alumni! In 2017, it will be 20 years since the Hughes Residential College charter class first met Dr. Mike Mathis and his dog Chi. Remember all the good times you had camping and canoeing (or rafting!) the Buffalo River? Breakfast burritos? That army tent that slept 40 people? Steel Creek at 30 degrees? What about spider-sniffing? Or flashlight tag? Or marshmallows? Sing-a-longs? Or just joining rafts together for a lazy float with your friends?

Where did you live? Hughes? State? Short/Denney? Minton? Were you part of SaM? Or maybe you lived in one of the more recent Residential College programs—EDGE@Hughes, EPIC@Bear, The Stars@Short/Denney, STEM@Arkansas or HPaW@Baridon? Were you a Minton Commuter College in Old Main member?

Do you remember TAGflyer 2009TagUCA? Open Mic Nights?

Did you travel with Dr. Stone & Mic the Gnome to Central Europe? Mic Gnome in Austria

Were you one of the Residential College students to study at the University of Mons in Belgium?

Did you travel with us to teach hands-on science in primary schools in Rwanda, Africa? Were you part of the service learning experience that taught you how to can foods? Did you learn how to build a rocket stove?

TeachingDo you remember dancing at the 2008 Presidential Ball?

What about CANstruction?

Heifer Project International’s Global Village?

The 2001 Habitat for Humanity build?

Habitat for Humanity Build 2001All those Halloween parties?

Were you involved in bwalos? Or Lunchapalooza?

Remember AfterWords? 2015 was the 9th Annual first-year writing competition!

Were you part of the UCA Helps Haiti campaign? Or UCA ♥ Japan? Bear Essentials Food Pantry?

Or Battle Chess? 

Knight LaughingThe late night study groups.

The early morning donut runs.

The Resident Masters (and their pets and children!)

Who was your RM? Dr. Mike Mathis, Dr. Ron Cossman, Dr. Julia Winden Fey? Was it Dr. John Gallaher or Ms. Melissa Crawford or Ms. Miranda Morris or Dr. Kate Henning? Perhaps your faculty live-in was Ms. Shannon Cook, Dr. Catherine Swift or Dr. Kondwani Phwandaphwanda?  Or perhaps it was Dr. Dani Archie, Dr. Tom Snyder or Mr. Brian James? Was it Ms. Leah Horton or Dr. Faith Yarberry?

Do you recall going to class with sleep still in your eyes (maybe in your PJs)?

The life-long friends.

These things helped you make a successful transition from high school to college.

These things helped you graduate.

And now you’re a grown up.

Click here to check out some of our student success stories and email Dr. Jayme Millsap Stone, Director of Learning Communities, at to share your own!

And click here to give back to UCA’s Residential College program. Your gift will help us build memories for another generation of UCA students.

Thank you for being part of our lives.