Douglas Robinett

Residence Coordinator for STEM@Arkansas

STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall

(501) 450-3396

Douglas Robinett graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with a minor in Psychology from Kalamazoo College. While attending Kalamazoo, he had the opportunity to first become a Resident Assistant for two years, and then a Senior Resident Assistant. He decided to go into Student Affairs because he enjoyed the interactions with residents and building a cohesive, and supporting, staff. Especially after studying abroad in Germany and experiencing a dorm-style of living, Douglas wanted to ensure that his residents feel that they have a voice in their residential hall community.

Now at UCA, Douglas is the Resident Coordinator of STEM Residential College at Arkansas Hall. He is also a graduate student in the College Student Personnel Services and Administration graduate program and expects to graduate in May 2019. After graduate school, Douglas plans to continue working in residence life and eventually become a Dean of Students.