Commuter College

Staying connected with campus life as a commuter student is uniquely challenging. Even students living off-campus need to know what is happening on campus! Minton Commuter College (MCC@Old MAin) students have access to a comfortable lounge area, a kitchen (complete with a refrigerator and microwave), a lactation room, free lockers, and a computer lounge. The Student Veterans Ressource Center is located here, offering support and camaraderie for our student veterans on campus.

There is an endless supply of free coffee! You will be enrolled in small sized general education classes that are open only to Commuter College students.  Individual tutoring and study-groups are available.  MCC@Old Main also offers you the opportunity to participate in organized Intramural sports, visit Crystal Bridges Museum, and go camping & canoeing with your new UCA friends.

MCC@Old Main is for all those who want more than just going to class and the going home.  If you want to get connected to UCA on-campus life, if you want to get involved, meet new people and make college more rewarding then Minton Commuter College in Old Main has what you need to get started. Find us at


Community Highlights:

  • Be connected to UCA even when living off campus.
  • UCA Core classes are taught in the MCC@Old Main classroom.
  • Free coffee and free lockers will help get you through the day.
  • Enjoy frequent potlucks that bring commuter together in friendship.
  • Computers and printers are available.
  • Study spaces and study groups are offered.