Residential Colleges: How to Apply!

Living and Learning in Residential Colleges

UCA’s Residential Colleges are academic programs that offer a way of living & learning unlike anywhere else in Arkansas. We are the only 4-year public university in the state to make this experience available to all incoming freshmen. Each of our five programs offers an active, supportive community of like-minded faculty, students and staff and an atmosphere designed to fully engage you in the college experience. All students take one class associated with the building of residence each semester, making studying, group projects, and doing homework together convenient and productive. But even more importantly, this one class offers a deeper (and definitely more fascinating!) look into a topic tied to the various Residential College themes. It’s this deep curricular & co-curricular immersion that separates high school experience from college experience, and freshman residence halls from Residential Colleges.

Oh! And you have the opportunity for early SOAR sessions or free priority registration once you’ve received a Residential College acceptance letter.

You must apply to be in Residential College, but the application process is quite simple: log on MyUCA using your UCA ID and then follow the instructions at My Housing. Fall 2019 Application opens October 15th, 2018!  UCA Living and Learning Community Matching Day is February, 26th 2019!

Things to Know Prior to Application
  • Applications open in October of your senior year. Some programs are in very high demand and applying early (which includes payment of the $100 housing deposit!) improves your chances of acceptance into your first or second choice.
  • Your housing application is your Residential College application. You will be asked to select a track: Residential College or Freshman Experience. Answer the questions asked with as much detail as you can. Your answers give the Residential College selection committee our first impression of you! Fall 2019’s questions are:
    • In your opinion, what is the largest issue impacting the world today and how does it relate to you?
    • If you could have dinner with any famous person (living or dead) such as a scientist, nurse, philosopher, artist, writer etc. what would be your first question and why?
    • What makes living & learning in a Residential College appealing to you?
  • The programs are not first-come, first-served! Several factors are considered including (but not limited to) your declared major, your reasons for wanting a particular Residential College, your ACT/SAT scores, your interests & talents, what new experiences you believe the program can bring you, and your commitment to participating in the curricular & co-curricular activities of the Residential College to which you are accepted.
    • Your ACT/SAT scores are important indicators of readiness for college-level work. Scores less than 19 in any category may indicate a need to either 1) re/take the ACT or 2) take an Accuplacer exam.
    • The classes offered in each Residential College are all college-level; consequently, students required to complete transitional course work in reading, writing or mathematics may have their Residential College applications held for review until new scores are received.
  • Carefully rank all the programs!  Consider all the environments and what each has to offer. For example, if you are a pre-nursing BSN major, but really want to study abroad, then EDGE@Hughes might be a great choice for you!
  • We will endeavor to accommodate roommate requests; however, both students must be accepted into the same Residential College.
  • Matching Day 2019 is February 26th.  This is the day all applicants to the Schedler Honors College, University Scholars, and UCA Residential Colleges will get their program acceptance letters!