An Interview with Robert Habimana, BS ’14, Mathematics

Robert Habimana STEM@Arkansas

Robert Habimana

Dr. Stone: Robert, it is so good to see you around campus still! What have you been doing since graduation?

Robert: I am working toward my master’s degree in applied mathematics and have been teaching as a graduate assistant here at UCA.  My job includes lecturing college algebra, working in the lab and helping students with projects and facilitating math competitions and math summer camps at UCA. Of course, I continue to peruse other interests outside of my field of study. I enjoy computer programing and this summer I have been working at a pharmaceutical company as a pharmacy lab technician.

Dr. Stone: So tell me one of the most meaningful experiences you had living in STEM@Arkansas and how it helps you in your work today.

Robert: Living in learning community has played greatly in my life~from the person that I am and what I do. It helped me discover my passion. My passion for teaching and helping others to learn grew out of an experience I had in 2012 with the Science and Culture in Rwanda study abroad program where we spent three weeks teaching primary school kids science and sharing Rwandan culture with our American classmates (see the picture above). I have built relationships that continue even now. Most importantly, living in a learning community has shaped my character inside and outside my classroom. I communicate, I listen, and I lead. I learned these skills and many more from STEM@Arkansas.