An Interview with Melinda “Mindy” Freyaldenhoven Bryan, BS ’01, Speech Pathology

Mindy Freyaldenhoven Bryan Hughes & State (now EDGE@Hughes)

Mindy Freyaldenhoven Bryan
Hughes + State (now EDGE@Hughes)

Dr. Stone: What have you been up to since you graduated from UCA?

Mindy: After I left UCA, I went to graduate school at the University of Tennessee, where I obtained a Masters in Audiology and a Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Science. After that, I moved to Ruston, Louisiana to work at Louisiana Tech University.  Here, I am an Associate Professor and the Program Director for the Doctor of Audiology program.  My primary responsibilities include teaching, clinical training, mentoring research, serving the community, and coordinating externship and residency placements.  At home, I am busy with family life including my husband (also an audiologist) and three girls, Hannah Claire (age 5), Brooklynn (age 4), and Olivia (age 11 months).

Dr. Stone: You began in Hughes Residential College in 1997 as a part of the charter class which tested the concept of the Residential College.  How did your experience in the Residential College shape who you are today?

Mindy: I was a part of Hughes and State Residential Colleges for 4 years, both as a resident and a mentor.  The Residential College allowed me to be a part of a family away from home, which provided me the support I needed to acquire the foundation of knowledge and relationships to exceed at the University.  As the first individual in my family to attend college, I did not know what to expect. Hughes Residential College embraced me, providing unique learning experiences, needed bonding opportunities, and excellent leadership. Some of my most cherished memories of Hughes include attending our annual camping/canoeing trips and being involved in Heifer Project International, two activities that I would not have been involved with future lifelong friends and colleagues if it had not been for the Residential College life.

As I stated earlier, I am currently a college Professor and leader in the field of Audiology.  As a Professor and the Director of a graduate program, I value the concepts taught at the Residential College level including communication, problem-solving, leadership, confidence, and integrity.  When graduate students come to school integrated with these concepts, they are ready to begin a professional career! As a leader in Audiology, I have-with other group members-created a test of hearing aid acceptance, a concept which in the past has been foreign for Audiologists.  As a part of this team, I present information/training sessions both nationally and internationally. I believe the tools that the Residential College empowers aided me in raising the bar for myself, ultimately driving me to exceed my goals.  

Dr. Stone: Thanks so much, Mindy! Or I should now say~thanks so much, Dr. Bryan!