A Letter to Students from Senior Blake Eiermann, Digital Film Major, Graduated May ’16

Blake Eiermann Stars@Short/Denney

Blake Eiermann

During my freshman year, I was fortunate to experience the Stars Residential College program in Short/Denney Hall. Coming to college, I knew I wanted to go into the media/art industry so being part of a program that brought together a community of artists, musicians, but also other majors was very beneficial. I like being around people with different passions, but still possessing a mind to create. One of my favorite parts was actually having classes in the Stars@Short/Denney, which helped me bond with my classmates. Class project and studying for exams was easier because we all lived together~ it was much more convenient to schedule meetings! The people I met in the Stars@Short/Denney my first year remain my close friends.

(Note: He’s graduated now and living the life in LA!  Go to www.blakeeiermann.com/photography and view Blake’s work!) Now, I’m a senior majoring in digital filmmaking and minoring in marketing. When I graduate in May, I plan on pursuing a career in the media industry. I have a background in photography and it is one of my strongest creative mediums. My dream?  Travel and have great success influencing the film, fashion, and music industries. The Stars@Short/Denney is a fabulously fun and diverse community for any incoming freshman looking to craft or explore their artistic interest.