A Letter to Students from Hoda Agrama, BS ’15, Biology

Hoda Agrama STEM@Arkansas

Hoda Agrama

Beginning my college education was something I was anticipating with a great amount of excitement. I was going to be starting school in a whole new setting, where the information that I was gong to learn was pertinent to what I wanted to do later on life, which was go into the medical field. Staying in the STEM@Arkansas helped me start and end my college career strong, and provided opportunities for me throughout the four years that I attended the University of Central Arkansas.

My first year staying in STEM@Arkansas allowed for me to be surrounded with like-minded individuals who were all working towards a similar goal. This atmosphere meant that if I needed help or advice, there was always someone around who was more than willing to get me the help I needed, from something as specific as a difficult topic from class to which courses I should be taking next semester. The importance of this was that I started off my college career strong, and that laid down a strong foundation for the years to come.

Not only did the STEM@Arkansas provide me with a strong basis for academic success, it also helped me network and make connections that resulted in experiences far beyond anything I imagined. Through the friends and connections I made, I ended up participating in the Science and Society program, which allowed for me to go on a trip to Rwanda. The study abroad was one of the most life enriching experiences I have experienced and I would not have been driven to join in it if not for the doors that STEM@Arkansas opened for me.

Through STEM@Arkansas, I was encouraged to participate in the American Chemistry Society by my peers and professors.  ACS provided me with a means of community outreach that was highly involved and consistent. When I eventually became an officer, I appreciated the leadership experience that I was provided with.

STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall was instrumental to my academic success, and provided me with friendships, connections, and experiences that genuinely allowed for me to achieve so much more than I could have imagined doing on my own.