Cirque Eloize HOTEL

TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 2020 AT 7:30 P.M.

CIRQUE ÉLOIZE has been producing magical performance and forging new paths in the world of contemporary circus arts since 1993. They have traveled to over 550 cities giving over 5,500 performances introducing their intimate, storytelling shows to audiences world-wide.  HOTEL is the story of a place…but it is mainly a place full of stories.  CIRQUE ÉLOIZE welcomes you into this timeless art deco hotel, a place where strangers of all walks of life meet.  A place where we mingle with strangers just for a moment.  From the overwhelmed maître d’hôtel, to the mischievous maid, to the devoted handyman and his inseparable dog, Carpette, the hotel’s staff is like each of us, the privileged witnesses to the lives of colorful individuals.  Through acrobatics, theatre, dance and live music, the audience will be drawn into a colorful, timeless world.

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