Darshon A. Reed

Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Psychology


MAS 257

(501) 450-3224

What is your background in Psychology?

My training is in Experimental Psychology with an Emphasis in Social Psychology. My research focus is self-regulation, more specifically goal pursuit.

Please Describe Your Current Research Program.

My research has three focus areas that include goal pursuit, motivation, and diversity. The focus areas make up the acronym for my lab, which I refer to as the GMD Lab (Goals, Motivation, and Diversity). My current focus is examining how social comparisons influence goal pursuit and disengagement, and how group identity impacts perceptions of goal achievement.

Are You Accepting Any New Students into Your Lab/Workgroups?

Yes, I am accepting motivated, organized, and curious undergraduate and graduate students. If you are interested in joining the GSD Lab, please contact me at andersond@uca.edu.