Christina Jeffrey

Assistant Professor

IHS 410

(501) 450-3304

What is your background in Psychology?

I attained my Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and PhD in Counseling Psychology from Texas A&M University. I completed my clinical internship in Denver, Colorado at the Community Reach Center.

Please Describe Your Current Research Program.

My current program of research encompasses the training and development of a culturally inclusive model of clinical case conceptualization—in other words, exploring ways to improve and standardize the method in which clinicians come to “make sense” of their clients. More specifically, my research focus is on the training effectiveness of a systematic, transtheoretical, and transdiagnostic approach to case conceptualization in supervisory settings. I am also interested in the influence of film, digital media, and cyberculture on affective and interpersonal wellbeing.

Are You Accepting Any New Students into Your Lab/Workgroups

I am not currently accepting any new students but am happy to provide support and resources to students in their own research endeavors.