Central Arkansas Psychology Internship Consortium

Mission Statement

The Central Arkansas Psychology Internship Consortium provides high quality pre-doctoral internship training in professional psychology.

Program Description

The Central Arkansas Psychology Internship Consortium (CAPIC) is a joint program between three cooperating organizations, the University of Central Arkansas Counseling Center (UCACC), the Fowler Institute, and the UCA Department of Psychology and Counseling (DPC), to offer pre-doctoral internship training for qualified students in professional psychology. All three organizations share the coordinating roles for providing program administration, supervision, and didactic experiences.

The training program is designed to provide an integrated, yet individually tailored series of pre-doctoral training experiences in professional psychology. The program is a 2000-hour internship that must be completed in no less than 12 months (full-time) and no more than 24 months (part-time). The program is offered at three agencies:

  • University of Central Arkansas Counseling Center (UCACC)
  • The Fowler Institute


The Consortium accepts applicants from clinical specialties in psychology (e.g., counseling, school, or clinical programs). The training program is designed to be in full compliance with the rules and regulations of the Arkansas Psychology Board. This is the second year of the program and it is not yet accredited by APA or APPIC. The Consortium is committed to obtaining accreditation at the earliest opportunity.

Program Characteristics
  • Two thousand (2000) hour pre-doctoral internship (12 month full-time).
  • Generalist training within a university counseling center or community mental health center.
  • Training objectives negotiated within overall Consortium goals, individual site competencies, and intern career interests.
  • Monthly diversity training (guest speakers, seminars, etc.) is provided and required.
  • Two hours of peer interaction and discussion per week.
  • Minimum of 4 hours per week of supervision by licensed psychologists (2 hours of individual plus 2 hours of group supervision.
  • Two hours per week allotted to didactic/in-service training activities.
  • One hundred (100) hours allotted for doctoral research (may be used for dissertation).
  • Regular meetings with site Internship Coordinators to monitor intern progress and provide program feedback.


2014-2015 Interns

Ms. Alexis Reddig                         Fowler Institute

Mr. Allen Thomas                          UCA Counseling Services

2013-2014 Interns

Ms. Danielle Archie                        Counseling Associate, Inc.

Mr. TroyMichael Marsden              Counseling Associate, Inc.

Ms. Cathy Staton                             UCA Counseling Services

Mr. Dan Warwick                             Western Arkansas Counseling and Guidance Center

Handbook and Forms


Selection Process

 At present, applications are taken only from graduate students enrolled in the UCA Counseling Psychology program. Applicants must submit an application that consists of:

  1. cover letter
  2. curriculum vitae
  3. all graduate transcripts
  4. three letters of recommendation
  5. sample of written work (a completed psycho-educational evaluation)

Applicants must rank-order (1-3) their preferences for the three different sites that comprise the CAPIC.

Applications should be submitted to Dr. Art Gillaspy, Psychology & Counseling Department, University of Central Arkansas. Completed applications must be received by December 1.

Applications are screened by the Executive Committee. Preference will be given to applicants with the following attributes:

  • comprehensive exam passed (must be passed before applying for internship)
  • awards/recognition in graduate study
  • more than 800 hours of practica experience
  • two or more professional presentations
  • at least one professional publication
  • high-quality recommendation letters
  • excellent quality of psych-educational evaluation

Qualifying applicants are invited to on-site interviews with members of the individual clinical sites. The clinical sites will contact applicants in regard to their placement.

The internship start date is August 1. Successful applicants must have their dissertation proposal accepted by this date.

Diversity Statement

The Consortium has a strong commitment to supporting diversity through the recognition of the personal and environmental strengths of individuals independent of differences in age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, spirituality, sexual orientation, disability, language, and socioeconomic status. Interns are expected to be interested in and value working with individuals from diverse backgrounds with a variety of mental health issues. Consortium supervisors and staff act to ensure a supportive and encouraging environment appropriate for the training of diverse individuals and the provision of training opportunities for a broad spectrum of individuals.

Contact Information

Dr. J. Arthur Gillaspy, Jr., Ph.D.

CAPIC Co-Director of Training

University of Central Arkansas

Burdick Hall 222




Dr. Susan Sobel

UCA Counseling Center, Director


Student Health Center, Suite 327




Dr. Jim Guinee

UCA Counseling Center, Director of Training


Student Health Center, Suite 327




Dr. Joyce Fowler

Fowler Institute

415 N. McKinley, Ste. 500

Little Rock, AR