UCA Women’s Leadership Network is a network created for women, by women, to support women who are seasoned or aspirant leaders in the home, at work or in the community. The purpose of the network is to provide opportunities for women to connect from various backgrounds in Conway and surrounding areas.

This network is an LGBTQ Safe Space Zone and diversity-inclusive brave space. This means that we welcome and respect women across a spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations. We also value and support members who belong to historically underrepresented and diverse ethnic, racial, religious, linguistic and national backgrounds.

The bravery in this network will be guided by the idea of parrhesia. This term, meaning fearless speech, has guided great thinkers and leaders—but it is often misunderstood. Fearless or brave speech does not mean that you are entitled to say anything you want with impunity. Instead, it means that you are willing to be humble, vulnerable, and to take a risk in telling the truths that will challenge one another–and the world–to become better.

As a member of this network, you will be asked to pledge mutual respect and honesty. You will engage in personal conversations, and so you must be willing to hold yourself accountable to this principle.





Circle of Influence Peer-Coaching

Book Club

Shelley Mehl Empowerment Award 2021

The Shelley Mehl Empowerment Award recognizes an individual woman or organization who is a champion for women’s empowerment.  Look for information soon about nominations.

2020 Winner

Rene Henderson, Rene Henderson 4 JP

2019 Winners

Carol Crews, Twentieth Judicial Prosecuting Attorney
Amber DiPersia and Jennifer Cale, UCA Student Government

Helpful Resources
Leading from where you are, Presented by Shawanna Rodgers – January 23, 2018
Mindfulness and other daily practices, Presented by Dr. Julia Winden-Fey – January 23, 2018
Imposter Syndrome, Presented by LaKisha M. Johnson, M.A. – October 18, 2018
Difficult Conversations, Presented by Dr. Amy Hawkins – October 18, 2018
Nurturing and Self-Care, Presented by Dr. Angela Webster – October 18, 2018
Intentional and Inclusive Leadership,  Presented by Dr. Angela Webster and Dr. Taine Duncan – September 16, 2020 – PowerPoint – If you would like to reference this PDF, keep in mind that some references were mentioned but not included on the slides. If you’d like to use some of the information, please cite Drs. Webster and Duncan. If you’d like any additional materials to cite, or any questions about source materials, email us at tduncan@uca.edu and awebster@uca.edu. | Handout
Women’s Leadership Network at UCA is proud to collaborate with and support other women’s groups. For more information, please contact Dr. Shaneil Ealy, Associate Vice President of UCA Outreach & Community Engagement, at sealy@uca.edu or 501-450-5261.