New Community Education Classes

Outreach is offering NEW community education classes for the spring!

Self-Hypnosis, Film Studies and Adobe Illustrator are just a few of our newest offerings, all open to the general public.

Registration for spring course offerings is open now. Find a course that interests you!


New Spring Courses:

Introduction to Film Studies/Film History
A very in-depth course on understanding how films produce meaning and elicit responses through the recognition and analysis of film language and reviews and discussion of various films within the history of motion pictures. Taught by UCA and Hendrix professor, Dr. Glenn Jellenik.

Self-Hypnosis for Self-Help
Uncover the myths and discover the many benefits of self-hypnosis. With expert instruction, you will learn the basic mechanics and techniques that can help contribute to an improved quality of life.

Entrepreneurship-Becoming a Businessperson
Gain the tools and skills necessary for starting a new business, including analyzing factors associating with success, developing a business plan, and the importance of marketing, insurance, accounting and management for a small business.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
In this hands-on, instructor-led course, you will learn the fundamental tools of Adobe Illustrator to complete a finished digital illustration, logo or design. Taught by UCA alumni, Jasmine Greer.

Introduction to Computer Programming Using Python
Learn the basics of computer programing; including formal and informal languages, various functions, executions and lists. By the end of the course, you will have practiced programming tasks and created two functioning computer programs.

Charcoal Drawing
An introduction to using charcoal as a drawing medium. Translate three-dimensional information onto a two-dimensional surface while working from a still-life set up.

Mirror Design Art
With just a mirror and a hammer, recognized artist Jimmy McDonald will teach you how to create beautiful art abstracts.

Homeopathic Stress Remedies
A three-part session designed to help educate those seeking emotional enrichment. Part one focuses on anxiety, depression, fear and anger. Part two is centered around guilt, worry, gratitude and stress. Part three covers communication and defining success. All sessions emphasize ways to change those states of being.

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