Current University Scholars Program Students

Our Commitment

As a student in the University Scholars Program, your success is our primary concern. Our mission focuses on the development and success of every single student enrolled in our program. We consider each and every student an investment in the future. From the moment you commit to the University Scholars Program, we make a commitment to you in return. That commitment includes access to dedicated faculty and supportive staff who will assist and advise you throughout your college career. We will provide you with opportunities (and challenges) that are needed for your continual growth. We will provide you with a safe environment to explore your passions and take intellectual risks. Furthermore, it is our goal to develop you as a socially responsible leader that are ready to take action in your chosen profession and within our community.

Student Commitment

As a participant in the University Scholars Program, you are asked to make the following commitments in order to create a supportive learning environment for both you and your peers:

  • Co-creating a learning community that supports its members in their growth and action;
  • Openly examining values, beliefs, and assumptions you hold about yourself and others;
  • Engaging as a scholar, expanding your imagination by conversing with others and integrating diverse knowledge, perspectives, and skills;
  • Participating in reflective civic action, gaining skills to solve real-world problems; and
  • Growing as a responsible leader, working with others for the common good.