Transformational Learning Opportunities

Students in the University Scholars Program participate in activities both in and out of the classroom that help to prepare them to take on future leadership roles. In addition to a curriculum that investigates leadership theory and practice, students in the University Scholars Program receive support for leadership training and workshops. A leadership retreat is held each fall for students enrolled in the gateway course.

University Scholars receive support from faculty to help them develop their disciplinary expertise. Scholars will be provided opportunities to work with faculty on undergraduate research and creative projects, to sharpen their abilities to organize and synthesize information into a clear argument, and to design a research or creative project of their very own. The University Scholars Program provides support to help students to present their research and creative projects in local, state, and national venues.

Students can apply for the Scholars Undergraduate Research Grants for Education (SURGE) to assist with funding their research and creative projects. In order to apply for funding, students complete an application that is available within the Honors student portal. The application requires the student to write a proposal that includes a rationale stating the educational benefits, budget, study plans, and course credit sought. Winter and Spring proposals must be submitted by October 15th, and Summer proposals by November 15th. Click here to review the application expectations and scoring criteria.

Through curricular and co-curricular programming, University Scholars learn to address modern issues such as climate change, social and fiscal inequality, and racial and gender disparities. University Scholars engage in community-oriented research and service-learning projects in a cross-disciplinary setting in an attempt to bring about positive social and environmental change. Upon graduating, students will be prepared to evaluate the local, national, and global consequences of individual and collective action.