Study Abroad

Honors students on a TAG-funded trip abroad

When Honors students travel and study abroad, they expand their horizons, learn about the world through direct encounters, and bring their experiences back to share with the community. Through Travel Abroad Grants(TAGs), the Schedler Honors College supports student travel throughout the world.

Honors students visiting Tower Bridge in London

Imagine reading the classics at Oxford, performing avant-garde music in France, exploring the growth of entrepreneurship in China, bringing medical care to rural Honduras, investigating neuroprosthetics at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan, learning about the Renaissance in Italy, or studying the Maasi in East Africa. Join a trip led by a faculty member or custom-design your own unique project. You can even spend a semester abroad at one of UCA’s many partner schools, using your academic scholarship along with funds from a Schedler Honors College grant to cover additional expenses.

Honors students dancing with community members while on a TAG-funded trip

The Schedler Honors College funds dozens of students each year studying abroad. These extraordinary journeys that change lives are funded by TAG. TAG funds are designed to put study abroad within your reach by paying a portion of the travel program expenses. Student experiences range from participation in trips that are two to five weeks abroad or a semester abroad at one of UCA’s partner schools. Students can even plan their own experiences for the summer or for a semester abroad. To learn more about study abroad opportunities available through UCA, as well as additional funding opportunities, visit UCA’s Study Abroad site here. To learn more about how your financial aid will be effected by studying abroad through UCA, please refer to this document.